Life Coaching

Life coaching continues to have significant impact on individuals across the world. Those searching for purpose, direction or accountability can build a relationship with a trusted life coach, who shares your passion and vision. As a coach, my job is to challenge you to get specific on what you want for your future and  most importantly – why. I then help you figure out how to adopt the most useful mindset to achieve your goals, along with the right strategies and routines to get there as quickly as possible. As a coach I can help you with the following:

  • Find direction and purpose
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Gain self-awareness
  • Regain your motivation and drive
  • Define and achieve your goals
  • Build resilience, confidence and self-love
  • Develop positive habits
  • Personal development
  • Successful life transformation

Career coaching

Connecting with a career coach will help you to develop an understanding of where you want to be in your career, which factors give you the most job satisfaction and which company/industry is an ideal fit. As a career coach I can help you with the following:

  • Strategize your career
  • Define your career goals/values
  • Learn how to work towards achieving your objectives
  • Regain your confidence
  • Be more productive and focused
  • Understand how to network for career advancement
  • Build positive work relationships
  • Build professional brand (resume/ coverletter/ linkedin)

Business Coaching

As a business coach I utilise the critical alignment model framework that offers proven strategies that can help you with:

  • Developing a vision and mission for your business
  • Identifying values, standards and expectations
  • Create a plan for achieving your goals
  • Identify your strengths and opportunity areas
  • Identify your ideal clients and learn how to communicate your message authentically
  • Establish a positive mindset
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Network in a way that makes you comfortable

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